12 Websites to download/watch Free Nigerian Nollywood Movies

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You can watch the latest nollywood movies free and even download some full movies online from these websites.Nollywood has grown tremendously, right now it is now amongst the top three in the world and is valued at about US$250 million and produce about 200 videos for the home videos market every month.

With that feat, Nollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in Africa since its inception in 1960 when the industry started producing Nigerian movies.

Nollywood produces all kinds and type of movies from Nigerian romantic movies to action and traditional movies, christian movies etc.

You can buy Nigerian movies from retailers,or watch at the cinema, but for most Nigerians in diaspora to find a retailer to buy current Nigerian movies from is always difficult.

The alternative however is to watch and download Nigerian and African movies online.

You can download Nigerian movies online from websites.

The pioneers of launching Nigerian movies to the world is irokotv.

The iRoko Group launched the Netflix model iRoko App to make Nollywood content easy to access for all subscribers on their mobile phones but however there was a glitch to the progress of the app which is the price of mobile phone data.

Most Nigerians don’t like to waste their data to download movies online hence iRokoTV started to place a pink colored kiosks in strategic locations around Lagos to assist customers with Data-Free Downloads.

List of the websites to watch and download Nollywood Movies For Free are given below:

1. Iroko TV

Iroko TV the Netflix of Africa and one of the largest online distributors of Nigerian movies.With as low as $5 you can have access to all the latest Nollywood videos for a month.
CLICK HERE To Access website.

2. Naija Pals

Here you have access to many full length movies that you can watch online or download.

There are many movies on this site with different genres.
CLICK HERE To Access website.

3. Buzz Nigeria

Watch and download recent and popular nollywood movies online.
CLICK HERE To Access website.

4. Nigerian Movie Network

Have access to Free Nigeria Movies Online, including Newly Released Nollywood Movies.

CLICK HERE To Access website

5. Naija On Point

CLICK HERE To Access website

6. NollyLand

Enjoy features like Video Streaming and downloading of Nollywood movies.

CLICK HERE To Access website

7. Nigeria Movie Channel

CLICK HERE To Access website

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8. Tv Nolly

Enjoy online streaming of Nigerian and African movies.
CLICK HERE To Access website

9. Wapbaze

CLICK HERE To Access website

10. Coded Wap

CLICK HERE To Access website

11. Nigerian filmz

CLICK HERE To Access website

12. RealnollyTV

Watch the best of interesting Nollywood Movies.


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