How to make Nigerian Chapman drink

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This tutorial will teach you how to make your Nigerian Chapman drink. If you follow this lesson, you will understand how to make Chapman from home or office.

🍇Angostura bitters
🍇Ice cubes made with the mixture of Fanta and Sprite
🍇Citrus fruits(orange, lemon, red currant)
🍇Ribena black currant

🍹Cut half of the citrus fruits into thin quarters and the cucumber into thin circles
🍹Extract the juice of the red currant or use pomegranate
🍹Put the ice cubes in the mug, add half cup of the red currant extract and a few drop of angostura bitters
🍹Add Ribena black currant at this time, a squeeze of lemon, and a squeeze of orange then pour equal amounts of the Fanta and the sprite, add the sliced garnish, stir and enjoy.

Watch the video tutorial for better understanding

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