How to start your own business

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Business is an art to sell the product or to provide the service to people.

“There is a saying that, to start a business is simple but, to remain in the business is the hardest”.

What is the difference between job and business?

Actually, Job is an indirect business which you do for others, this may be private or public services.

The only benefit you get in the job is that you get a fix salary over a month.

So, after all this your decision whether you want to do do the business for others and satisfied with your salary and workload or you want to start your own business where you can do all the stuff of your interest.

What are the benefit of doing your own business?

There are various benefit of having your own business like you have full scope of making change in your work style and strategy as per your comfort, you are free to take rest as per your time, you will not get irritated for working for longer hours as you will be working for your own business. Your own business give you the space for your own dream.

What are the key factors to start your own business?

It is very necessary to make a full analysis before starting your business with a proper planning.

First you should have a clear vision over your business interest.

Then you should do a detailed market study for your new business.

you should keep your budget in your mind before starting any business.

What stuff can make your business different from all existing one in the market?

This is really a nice analysis over business that how to compete with all existing business same as your business. Here you need to play a mind game with full analysis.

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