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To make chalk is not difficult. You can do it at home. Mix in a little paint to make chalk in different colors, or stick with basic white. This tutorial gives step by step instructions on how to make chalk at home using plaster of Paris.

Step 1: Gather supplies. Aside from the ingredients you need to make the chalk, you also need to pick out molds. Search around your house and go to the craft supply store to compile the following list of supplies:

  • Plaster of Paris. You can get a large tub of this from most craft stores. You’ll need 1/2 cup per batch of chalk.
  • Tempera paint. This type of paint washes away easily, which is convenient if you’ll be using your chalk on the sidewalk or on a chalkboard. Choose as many colors as you’d like.
  • Wax paper. You’ll need this to line your chalk molds, so that the chalk doesn’t stick to them.
  • Items to use as molds. You can use old toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, ice cube trays (as long as you don’t use them again to make ice), or any other type of tube or carton.
  • Masking tape. You’ll need this to cover the bottom of the tube molds to keep the chalk mixture inside.

Step 2: Get the molds ready. Line the molds with wax paper so that the waxed part is facing up. If you’re using tubes, tape one end with masking tape to keep the chalk mixture contained.

Step 3: Pour paint into bowls. You’ll need two tablespoons of paint per batch of chalk. Measure it out into bowls, with one color per bowl. You can also mix paints to create new colors; for example, mix red chalk with yellow to make orange chalk, or blue with yellow to make green. Just make sure the total amount of paint in each bowl adds up to 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml).

Step 4: Add the plaster of Paris. Scoop 1/2 cup of plaster of Paris into each bowl. Stir thoroughly so that the mixtures are fully incorporated and free of lumps.

Step 5: Add a drop of liquid dish soap. This helps the chalk wash away more easily. Just stir one or two drops into each bowl of chalk mixture.

Step 6: Pour the chalk into molds. Use a spoon to help you pour the chalk mixtures into individual molds, one for each color. Fill the molds as high as you’d like; the chalk mixture won’t expand as it dries. Cover the molds with waxed paper when you’re finished.

Step 7: Let the chalk dry. Place the chalk in a dry place to let the moisture evaporate overnight. The chalk is ready to use when it’s completely dry.

Step 8: Now, you have made you first chalk.

Also check the video below.

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