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I know you have been craving for the weekend to come so desperately. Look, the weekend is finally here again, and it’s time to relax and ease yourself of the stress of work during the week. Don’t you agree that it is right about time to spice things up?

Today, we will be learning about one of Nigeria’s popular drinks, family beverage and our very own local Chapman; Roselle drinks and also known as Hibiscus tea is popularly known as zobo in Nigeria.

Zobo drink is one of Nigeria’s popular drinks made from dried Roselle plant flowers. The drink is also as Roselle drink. It is mostly prepared at home as family beverage drink and also as refreshment in parties and get-togethers.

Ingredients for 5 litres of Zobo drink:

You can get more with the same quantity of ingredients depending on the concentration you want. If you will be using artificial flavours, you might want to add more water.

2 De Rica cups of dry Zobo leaves

1 clove of garlic

1 big piece of ginger

1 big, very ripe pineapple

Enough water

Zobo leaves are usually very dusty, so make sure you wash off the dust thoroughly. It will seem like all the flavours/colour of the zobo are being washed off but don’t worry, you would be impressed to find out that the leaves still have a lot of the colour intact when you start boiling it.

Wash, peel and cut the pineapple into thin slices. Some people add the peel of the pineapple when making the zobo drink but I don’t do this, simply because I always think that dirt sticks to the peels of pineapples.

Similarly, peel and cut the ginger and garlic into tiny pieces.


1. Put the washed zobo leaves into a deep pot.
2. Add the pineapples and pour enough hot water to consume the contents of the pot and then some garlic at this initial stage.
3. Start cooking at medium to high heat and let it boil for about 5 minutes.
4. Now, add the ginger and the garlic, more water and keep boiling for the next 30 minutes. This is the actual time it would take for the zobo leaves to be completely soft and the pineapples tender.
5. Turn off the heat and set the pot aside to cool down completely.
6. When cool, wring out the juice from the pineapples and zobo leaves, leaving only the zobo juice in the pot.
7. Pour the juice through a sieve to take out the remaining large particles then pour it through a chiffon cloth to remove the tiniest particles.
8. Add any artificial flavour of your choice at this time and stir.
9. Pour into bottles and refrigerate. Your Roselle drinks is ready but remember that it is best-served chill.
Finally, serve with ice and sliced fruits. Enjoy with any snack of your choice.

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